Special Orders: 

Two different ornaments for travelers in China

Someone's new home - House ornaments normally run about $35 for a Large size bulb and $50 for a Jumbo.

Elvis Snowman and Graceland 

This ornament was for someone that enjoys reading and drinking tea

Construction of a new garage with two children watching 

Custom for a family that was known for moving so often in one year!!

This was a special order for a band


This ornament was for a family that enjoys hot chocolate while decorating the tree...

Jet Skiing standing up

Jet Skiing sitting down

Depending on your design needs the price per ornament may be more than other designs that are currently on the website.
Generally for extra special orders the prices are: 

Available on Regular, Large or Jumbo size bulbs:

Regular $15 (2 5/8 inch bulb) 

Bulb Color Choices:
Red ( Bright, dark)
Blue (light, medium, dark),
Green (Moss, Tree Green, Dark Green)
White / Transparent / Ivory / light gold / bronze

Availability of color might be limited

(3 1/4 inch bulb
) Available only in Transparent Bulbs

Jumbo $35
(4 inch bulb) Available only in Transparent Bulbs


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